Writing An Impressive Research Paper About Overpopulation In China And India

Over the past century the population of the world has exploded. In fact, two of the most populous countries in the world are China and India, both of which can have a population well in excess of 1 billion each. As a result, these two countries are ideal to write about when creating a research paper based on overpopulation. If you need to write an impressive research paper based on the overpopulation of China and India then you may wish to consider various different things, with some suggestions outlined below.

Introduce various facts and figures relating to the populations of China and India

As part of your paper you may wish to include details about the history of the populations in China and India. For example, you may wish to look at regular intervals, such as every decade or century, to see how the populations of China and India have increased. You may also wish to include details about any difficulties when measuring the population of these two countries.

As well as looking at the populations of each country as a whole, you may wish to look at populations of individual areas, such as cities or major regions. You may also wish to provide details about changing demographics, such as how the birth and death rates have changed, anything related to immigration, and even how the life expectancy of different genders has changed. Furthermore, you may wish to include details about rural and urban populations, and how these have changed as the population has grown.

Identify and explain any difficulties relating to the population increases

As well as identifying facts and data related to increases in population numbers in both China and India, you may wish to identify any problems that this is caused. For example, you may wish to look at how an increasing population has put serious pressure on hospitals, infrastructure, education and any other important factors.

You may wish to look at various policies and ideas that have been introduced in order to help control population, such as the one child policy in China. As well as identifying what these policies are, you may wish to explain why these policies have been introduced, and how they hope to ease any burdens related to population increases. You may also wish to look at any future population predictions, and how these will impact upon current infrastructure and facilities.

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