Twenty Highly Original Topics for Psychology Research Papers

Today, people’s attitudes have changed toward seeking mental health help. Today, over half of all American households have a family member that needs mental health services and most all in today’s society do not stigmatize such a need. Today, we see a world that is more confident in today’s counseling and psychiatric therapies and prescribed medications for mental health issues. Coupled with Obamacare’s creation of a newly insured America, the demand, in just America, for those degreed in psychology is higher than ever before. We have a dire need for students to major in psychology and more jobs available to them than previous decades.

This wonderful shift in perception regarding the powers of psychology and the benefits of today’s developments in drugs that can transform lives creates a plethora of new subjects to write about in the field of psychology.

These topics below are completely original and there is much solid research available on each one.

Paper Topics in Psychology

  1. What are We Missing Here?: Is the Bipolar Diagnosis Becoming a Blanket Diagnosis?
  2. Current Medication Developments in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  3. Mental Health Diagnosis: Should Patients Undergo More Testing and Observation Before Psychologists Give Diagnoses Such as Bipolar?
  4. Do No Harm: When Only a Psychiatrist Should Be Consulted?
  5. The Current Demand for More Degreed Psychologists Today
  6. Today’s Wonder Drugs: Anti-Depressants Are Transforming Lives
  7. More Work is Needed to Transform Attitudes Toward the Necessity of Medication for Patients
  8. Is Family Counseling A Beneficial Pare of Individual Counseling?
  9. The New Shift in the Perception of Mental Health Care
  10. Current Medication Developments in Treating Major Depressive Disorder
  11. The Whole Patient Theory
  12. Dialectical Behavior Modification Therapy and its Efficacy in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
  13. Current Theories on Borderline Personality Disorder
  14. Current Misdiagnoses: Is Borderline Personality often Confused with Bipolar Disorder’
  15. What Medications are Recommended for Multi-Diagnoses Patients: Treating Depressed Individuals who Have One or Two other Major Diagnoses
  16. How Major Traumas Can Change Brain Function and Chemistry
  17. Finding a Way to Talk: Treating Victims of Abduction and Sexual Abuse
  18. Are Victims of Child Abuse Programmed to Become Abusive Later in Life? New Discoveries in the Brain Development of Abused Children
  19. Should Counselors Be Allowed to Prescribe Some Psychotropic Drugs?
  20. Combating Suicide in Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans: Treatment Methods for PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder

Today, researchers are predicting a whole new level of demand for people educated in psychology – especially those with doctorates in psychology to teach -- and for practicing counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. With so many medical and technological discoveries in many areas of mental illness, today is a wonderful time to be studying and writing about the field of psychology.

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